completed research

  • Malay Settlement to Malay Urbanism Development, Characterization and Modelling of Architectural and Urban Design Principles for the Modern City’
  • Kerangka Kampus Inklusif untuk Meningkatkan Kemasukan Pelajar Oku ke Universiti Awam Malaysia (My-OKU)
  • Empirical modeling as a strategic environmental cooling and reduction of heat island impact in relation to Islamic and Modern Urbanism Principles
  • The Development of Natural Sustainable River Ecology Model System into the Urban Blue Grids of The Urban Ecosystem
  • Malaysia first Heritage District: Exploring methodology to evaluate a heritage district from the architectural perspectives in relation to public and residential buildings.
  • Waterfront regeneration in historical cities in Malaysia
  • Study on Ottoman Social Structure and its impact on its Architecture Case Study: Sulaymaniye Complex, Istanbul